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The New Office

The New Office

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re just about settled into our new house. Over this past weekend we finally completed my new office. I didn’t realize how important spatial comfort was to my workday until it was gone.


Just inside the front door to our new house is my office. It’s in it’s own dedicated space off from the bustle of the rest of the house. This was important to me while house hunting because if my wife (or anyone else for that matter) was home, I didn’t want only a wall separating us while I blast music and she’s trying to watch? Drop Dead Diva on Netflix.

There is, of course, my desk on one wall. My personality is spattered in a handful of toys and a Steve Jobs poster by Luke Beard just on the edge of my field of vision.

office-comicsBehind me, I have my personal space.? Any time I need to a break I can hop on back to my “Don Draper Nap Couch” and take one (a break, not a nap [who am I kidding here?]).

This may be shocking news, but I’m a comic book nerd. Hanging on the wall just above the couch is a rack of rotating comics that I have yet to read. Everything I need to kick back and relax for a bit during the day, or on one of those nights spent working far too late.

9 Comments on "The New Office"

  • I guess I know where I will be working from whenever I get up Chi-town way. Of course, you know I?m loving the Batman on the shelf!

    I am so right there with you about spacial harmony and how it impacts the way I work. Our home studio is in such disarray that I often have a hard time just kick starting my day. Since you did such a kick-ass job with yours, maybe you can come down here and tackle mine. 😉

    • Sounds like you need a day off to finish your space.

      And you’re welcome here any time 😉

  • Topher says

    Funny, my wife spent all last week watched Drop Dead Diva on Netflix while I blasted music in my headphones and you put your office together. 🙂

    • Haha yeah, I can’t do the headphones thing while I’m at home. Drives me crazy.

  • Ryan says

    I really like your desk – is it an Ikea? Where did you get it?

    • Yup, Ikea. I no longer use the legs in the picture though. About a year ago I bought an UpliftDesk frame and mounted my existed desktop to it. I looked all over but couldn’t find another desktop that I liked, so I just kept the old one.

      • Ryan says

        Awesome, thank you for the response. Love your setup!

  • Chris says

    What color is the paint? And where did you get that couch?!?

    • The paint is a gray/blue/green color. Sorry I can’t get more specific, It’s the color it was when we moved in.

      The couch is from Dania. It looks like they don’t carry this specific one anymore, but their Camilla is pretty close.

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