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Hi. I'm Jake Caputo, Director of Design at
Sometimes I do other things.

Creating Crumby Pins

Creating Crumby Pins

As a design challenge to myself, and to get out of my design bubble, I’ve decided to venture into creating soft enamel pins. The challenge is wider than the pins themselves, it also allows me to do a bit of packaging design.

So, say hello to I started with Popcorn pin designed by my daughter’s love of popcorn (which she calls pop pop). I followed that with a set of Halloween pins. Currently, I have a set of Home Alone inspired pins available on Kickstarter.

I may eventually spend more time on the Crumby Pins site and migrate away from selling on Etsy, but for now my main design focus remains on The Action Network.

Check ’em out if you’re interested, and keep an eye out for more!


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