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Webby Nomination

Webby Nomination

The Take My Money, HBO video project that I was part of last year has been nominated for a Webby Award in the Online Film & Video Short Form category. You can view all of the nominees and vote (for us) here. Hopefully I’ll be updating this page with a picture of a Webby Statuette in my office.

Take My Money, HBO NOW!

Over the course of a few hours back in June of 2012, I created a one page website called Take My Money, HBO! The goal was simple: Bombard the @HBO and @HBOGO Twitter accounts with tweets stating how much money people would be willing to pay for a standalone HBO GO app.

Last month, nearly three years after the campaign, HBO announced HBO NOW. During the announcement event, HBO contacted me and invited me to New York City for an on camera interview.

For the record, Caputo is pronounced Cuh-pew-toe.

I thought it was a little odd that HBO was flying me to NYC and putting me up in a hotel just for an interview… But as soon as Paulie and Big Puss flung open the interview room door I knew I’d been duped. They lied to me. They tricked me. And I loved every minute of it.

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How To Build Your Business

Last month I was invited to speak at the first Envato Live in downtown Chicago. I met some awesome people including Envatoians (I think I made that word up) as well as a number community members and a handful of other authors. Plus I got a sweet hoodie.

You can see my talk below.

Head here to read more about the event and watch videos of the other Elite Authors who spoke.

Envato at Pressnomics

A few months ago I was contacted by Adrian over at Envato with a few questions regarding my experience selling themes at ThemeForest. He explained that Envato was going to present at Pressnomics may want to use some of my story. And they did.

You can find the slides as well as my full interview at Envato Notes.

WPEngine interviewed me for their Finely Tuned Consultant series. I’m not really a consultant, but whatever.

Devesh over at WPKube asked me to do an interview, so I did. No spoilers here though, hit the link above to read it.

A few weeks ago a fellow designer, developer, and comic book nerd Erik Ford asked me to do a short interview. Make sure to check our Erik’s work while you’re at his site as it is phenomenal.