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Back at it with Cartful


Woah, it’s been nearly a year since my last commercial theme release! Not to say I haven’t been busy with updates and supports for my other items in the meantime, but it feels great to get back in the saddle. My attention may have been on The Action Network for the past year, but I haven’t lost my roots. Which brings me to…

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The Christmas Movie Marathon 10

The Christmas Movie Marathon 10

23 Christmas movies in 23 days? Sounds awesome. But how about 230 Christmas movies in 10 years? By now I can recite most of them from memory.

Check out my microsite for the Christmas Movie Marathon 10.

Envato at Pressnomics

A few months ago I was contacted by Adrian over at Envato with a few questions regarding my experience selling themes at ThemeForest. He explained that Envato was going to present at Pressnomics may want to use some of my story. And they did.

You can find the slides as well as my full interview at Envato Notes.

Say Hello To The Action Network

Design Crumbs + The Action Network

Just because I don’t have a portfolio on the site anymore doesn’t mean I can’t talk about my happenings and goings on, right?

This year I’ve been part of an amazing team building out version 2 of The Action Network. Last week, we went live at We even caught the attention of The Washington Post.

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The New Office

The New Office

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re just about settled into our new house. Over this past weekend we finally completed my new office. I didn’t realize how important spatial comfort was to my workday until it was gone.

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I don’t think everything is a joke,
but it’s all kind of funny.

Automatically Blackballed

Last year I attended three WordCamps and spoke at two of them. This year I was on the planning team for WordCamp Chicago and was asked to speak again. I am passionate about WordPress and want to give back to the community.

On Friday, January 18, I was told that I may no longer participate in WordCamps.

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